Don’t mix Reese’s Pieces and Skittles

Fitness Meets Frosting

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope my American friends had a great 3 day weekend and a Happy Memorial Day! I never understood the holiday when I was little- it was just an awesome 3 day weekend. But as an adult, I’ve realized how important this day is (at least in my opinion) and how we should remember those who lost their lives so we could live freely.

On to something a little more cheery- I had every intention of catching up on blogs over the weekend but I was busy hanging out with Kyle! I cannot wait to read some awesome race recaps cause a few of my friends (just a few: here, here, and here) ran marathons this weekend!

Saturday WORKOUT:

7 miles, easy pace. I feel like I’ve lost endurance. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

After my run, Kyle and I went to…

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