They’re Making a Bananaman Movie

Weird news spotted this month, as it appears that Elstree Studio are working on a Bananaman film. There’s a poster for it and everything, look:


Based on the DC Thomson character who first appeared in Nutty Magazine before heading to The Dandy, and now The Beano, Bananaman is an unwanted hero who causes more trouble than anything else. Whenever a young schoolboy called Eric eats a banana, he transforms into the super-powered (but bumbling and clumsy) hero Bananaman, and goes off to stop criminals and villains from robbing banks and committing other dastardly deeds.

The movie, which exists solely as a poster and website right now, doesn’t have anybody attached to it other than the studio. There isn’t a director, or writer, or cast. All we know is that when you go to the website, an orchestral version of the Bananaman cartoon series plays, along with a hashtag called #peelthepower

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By mumbleee

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