Watch_Dogs: Early Impressions


27th May 2014, almost 2 years after first reveal Watch_dogs finally launched (in the UK anyway) And I made sure I got my copy on launch day.

Now this isn’t a review, but more of a Impressions so far write up for you.

Having played it for just shy of 6 hours last night and getting to grips with it we’ve already got a few views and thoughts on it. We’ll be sure to update with more as we progress but as a starter here’s a few discussion points.


So the first thing that struck me is that given this is running on my PS4, the open world environment really isn’t that much of an upgrade or step up of GTA5 when running on my Xbox360.

The cut scenes of course are rather impressive and the character models are great, but actually playing in the free roaming environment I can’t…

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By mumbleee

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