“Criminal Activities”, New John Travolta Thriller Begins Filming In Cleveland

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Cleveland’s streets will be busy once again as yet another movie began filming today in downtown Cleveland.

The new John Travolta thriller “Criminal Activities”, the directorial debut of Jackie Earle Haley (Bad News Bears,Watchmen,etc…) began filming today closing down parts of Chester Ave.,E.12th St. and Walnut St.

According to IMDB, the  film follows four young men who reunite at a funeral and make a risky investment together that puts them in trouble with the mob.  Co-stars include Boardwalk Empires Michael Pitt, Downton Abbeys Dan Stevens as well as Rebecca De Costa.

More road closures to come include sections of Elm St., E.71st, Public Square, St. Clair Ave., Hamilton, E. 40th and the Carter Road draw bridge. For more detailed info click here

The film is expected to be released in June of 2015.

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