The Fault in Our Stars and the Romance of the Teen Cancer Love Story

The Tusk


I’m 80% sure I’m never going to fall in love again. I mean, at least 75% sure. It’s a pain and a lot of crying and smoking cigarettes when it ends. Because it always ends. Some people (liars) will tell you that it always ends until it doesn’t but the truth is, it always ends. Even if you are the happiest, most perfect, picket fence couple (or triad, no judgment), someone’s got to die. I mean, EVERYONE’s got to die.

Which brings us to the romance of attractive teens dying of cancer. Last night I had the chance to see a sneak preview of The Fault in Our Stars, a top-level book-to-movie-teen-cancer-romance, and it completely reenforced my current stance on love: don’t do it. Love nothing. Be an island, be a mountain, stay away from feelings. Unless you want a headache, which I mean literally. TFIOS (as superfans call it) is such…

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