A Joker

When I smile,
Many people die.
However hard they may try,
They can’t help but smile.

There are a few games that people know,
A million more up my sleeves; to you I have to show.

Like this purposeless life,
I am just getting along.
Just going with what comes my way,
Executing all that strikes my brain,
Being a part of this song.

Once in my younger days, while working as a servant to a boss,
I tried picking his fat pocket, got caught, slipped and fell into the chemical box.

I got fired while I was still hospitalised,
With no money in my hands, I got ignored, untreated and allergic to light.

Had to bomb the whole factory by shoving the remote up my boss’ rear end,
Spent the next two months struggling in a circus tent.

They said that my expressions were good, but the…

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By mumbleee

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