Descent into Mystery: Celebrating the 25th Annviersery of Tim Burton’s Batman

Jonathon D. Svendsen

When I was four years old, my four favorite superheroes were Superman, Batman, Robin and The Incredible Hulk. While I didn’t read the comic books at the time I did enjoy their exploits through films (as was the case for Superman) and TV (Batman and Hulk). Batman, for me, was must see TV. Everywhere I went, if there was a TV, be it grandma’s house, a hotel, or sitting with my mom in the waiting room of an auto repair shop, I had to watch Batman. This was part of the reason why, on Christmas of 1989, when my dad opened his present in from my aunt and uncle, I was excited. The video box didn’t have any words, but that was OK. The symbol on the cover said all I needed or cared to know:

BATMANBatman '89 poster

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