6 Hilarious Movie Meme Quotes #movies #humor

Laurie Kozlowski

Do you love funny memes and enjoy movies? Check out this mix of six movie quote memes! From current to classic movies, there is enough funny to go around.

The Avengers

Image Source: Vitamin-Ha.com Image Source: Vitamin-Ha.com


cd9221370d4784503d4cf62992625759 Image source: bestfunnyjokes4u.com

Nightmare on Elm Street

d996f59f0a0282a076ab568247e44a94 Image source: evilmilk.com

Pirates of The Caribbean 

7967b0eabf279f37de034a5edb3801f4 Image source; YouTube.com

Steel Magnolias

f265b21f338cb0fc23b391b69242c361 Image source: blogs.psychcentral.com

Baby Mama

b9c43d0d845c42df96a0de09f7bc84c5 Image source: Buzzfeed.com

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 6.54.00 PM

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