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Now this isn’t entirely related to our usual stuff, but bare with me, you might just find yourself enjoying it:

Well, with Exam season upon us, our schedules have been, well..

A bit knackered up to be honest.

After some escapades within school, myself and The Guy decided that since we had a free afternoon that we’d go frolick freely amongst the hills find something productive to do with our time, so after a bit of time wandering between various people’s houses because he’s too incompetent to pick up his keys…

GrumbleGrumble Grumble

…We decided that we’d try and get one of his many PlayStation 1’s working, yeah, you heard kids, one… It’s like magic.

So after some considerable “Rummaging” in his loft (Attic for you Yanks) we managed to find 2 seperate consoles, which are all well and good as long as you have the wires, right? Right……

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By mumbleee

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