Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials (yikes) looks like it Won’t Suck as Bad as the Title

B Terrible Productions

I’m an adult male. When I see upcoming movies that are based on books in the teen (a.k.a. YA) genre, hitting theaters; I shrug. I mean, the first time I’d heard “YA genre” applied to a book was “Twilight”, and we know how that turned out. As a long time fan of vampire movies and literature I decided to pop in the DVD and give it a go, despite my sneaking suspicions that it was nothing more than a female fantasy about being desirable in High school, and boy did it “suck”, actually it didn’t!  These were toothless, and bloodless variations of the characters and monsters I grew up loving- which in my mind was unforgivable.  It made vampires something of a pop-culture punch-line, and has forever changed the way I will look at them.  I heard “New Moon” was better; it wasn’t.  After that; I all but swore off…

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