Pitch Perfect 2 (2015)

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Pitch Perfect 2 Poster
If you’re thinking about seeing Pitch Perfect 2, consider going with a teenaged girl (or one of the middle-aged women sitting behind us, who cooed with delight at every one of the fifteen coming attractions before the movie). As my daughter said later, “It was awesome. The movie was absolute fluff but there was a lot of singing and I knew most of the songs.” From my standpoint, that’s better than fists and guns; also, Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by Elizabeth Banks and stars a dozen women of all sizes and colors. With the right seatmate, it’s not a bad evening out.

As a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2 is stuck with the all-too-common “more” syndrome. Take everything that made the first movie a success (including the plot outline) and increase by 25%. More songs, more characters, more volume. Most of the jokes don’t land, although it’s mildly amusing…

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