Star Fox 2—The One That Got Away

Shiny New Cartridge

starfox2screenThe original Star Fox on the SNES was a revelation in my gaming life, the first time where a game felt like it had a context, a soul to it. Of course, the math coprocessor that was the Super FX chip—contained within the cartridge—greatly expanded what the system could do. But it was a little dark, a little beautiful, and a lot different than other games on the market at the time.

There were, unsurprisingly, plans to make a sequel. Over the years there have been beta versions of Star Fox 2 rolling around out there, patched and translated by fans. But according to one developer, there is actually a completed version of the game in existence, and Nintendo let him play it.

Head on over to NintendoLife to read the entire story of former Argonaut Software employee and Q Games honcho Dylan Cuthbert and one of the great cancelled…

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