The One Word TAG- you’re all TAGGED

I saw This TAG on Malvika’s Blog and I wanted to do it. It looks fun to do and probably challenging which is something I need right now.

There’s only one rule to this, and that is to answer the question with one word. Here are the questions and answers:

Where is your cell phone?– Draw

Your partner?– non-existant

Your hair?– Straightened

Your mother?– Home

Your father?– Passed

Your favourite material object?– Phone

Your dream from last night?– Possible

Your favourite drink?– Snapple

Your dream car?– Audi

The room in which you are right now?– Large

Your ex?– Alive

Your fear?– Failing

What do you want to be in 10 years?– settled

Who did you spend last night?– Family

Where are you now?– Work

What did you do last night?– chilled

What’s the last…

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By mumbleee

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