Vampire Batman and the Ultimate End – Comics Cover Price

Nerdy, Inc.

By: Derek Ng

Let’s not beat around the bush, comics are getting expensive. With so many new issues, epic sagas, and never-ending disasters, my wallet can only take so much. Cover Price is a weekly comic review with the set budget of $15. I mostly pick my choices based on cover, price, and hype. Which company suckered me into buying their issues this week? Were the issues I picked up worth the $15 cut? Were the issues you picked up worth your money?

5/20/15 C.C.P. Reviews:

Convergence Swamp Thing #2 – $3.99

A-Force #1 – $3.99

Ultimate End #1 – $3.99

Star Wars #5 – $3.99

Convergence Swamp Thing #2

Writer: Len Wein | Artist: Kelley Jones

Convergence has been one of oddest comic events in recent years. What started as an interesting idea has produced extremely mixed results. The main Convergence story is unnecessary and just not that fun, while the tie-ins…

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