Wiz Khalifa’s Preparing His New Album, ‘Rolling Papers 2’


Wiz Khalifa headshot

Words By Aspektz

When an artist sits at the top of the charts long enough, their record label’s going to demand an album. Just like that, Wiz went from heartbroken social media spokesman to a contender for hottest artist of the year off the success of “See You Again.” Taking to Twitter, Khalifa announced the sequel LP entitled Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album. No word on tracklist, features or producers yet but details will surely emerge soon.

The first Rolling Papers was applesauce soft and packed with cookie-cutter Atlantic Records assembly line songs (Stargate production with hooks already added and Wiz just dropping in 16s). On this second time around, Wiz has a chance to carve out a real niche for himself here.

Hopefully, the renewed love and Billboard-topping status are a reminder to him that…

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By mumbleee

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