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Favorite Thing Friday: Jedi Kittens

C.B. Wentworth

A fellow blogger on The Everyday Epic shared this and it truly made my day. After getting all giddy about The Force Awakens trailer, what’s not love about lightsaber-wielding kittens?

If you didn’t already know I was a nerd, this ought to clinch it.

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2015

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G-Poppers … May 22nd, 2015

Jonathots Daily Blog

   Jonathots Daily Blog



G-Pop scoured his memory.

His oldest son had asked him what he thought about David Letterman retiring. G-Pop was trying to remember a quote he believed to be from Cher. Yes, he was pretty sure that Cher was the one who referred to David Letterman as “an asshole.”

It was a pretty strong conclusion.

Actually, Letterman was not an asshole–he was a smartass. A smartass is someone who is so insecure about being dumb that he will act like an ass to prove he’s smart.

Yeah, that pretty well sums up David Letterman in his early years.

The trouble with a smartass is that he may accidentally end up conveying a jaded or negative approach about life around him. He believes that profile to be the definition of humor.

Time marches on.

Yes, some pain entered the life of David Letterman:

  • There was…

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Ides and The Beanstalk

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

A mountain farmer was poor Ides
To the market he went
To sell a magic cow he had
So he could pay the rent

Ides met a Rastafarian
Who said, “Mon what you need
Is just to go sell me your cow
For these here magic seeds.”

And so Ides came home with the seeds
Which his wife promptly threw
Into the soil mutt’ring “Why’d
I ever marry you?”

But the next day the two awoke
And up into the sky
Grew there a skunky leafy plant
Twas really really high

And every day Ides would climb up
With a cold can of suds
And bring down to his wife each night
Some potent stinky buds

One day as Ides was hanging there
He met a giant fellow
Who said he smelled an Englishman
Which harshed Ides’ righteous mellow

He feed and fied and foed and fummed
And took a…

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Shadows of Mordor, Dawg

Ramblog: First Blog Part II

Someone got paid to be a Tolkien nerd. Do you realize how amazing that is? That’s like finding out someone got paid to write fortune cookie fortunes, it’s like the dream job of a lifetime. I just realized right here and now what the end of my career path has to be.

The premise of the game is that you’re a Ranger from Gondor named Talion, who gets killed by Sauron’s lieutenants, and is resurrected by an Elf ghost named Celebrimbor. Celebrimbor, half-possessing Talion, teams up with the Ranger and the two go into Mordor to fight orcs and get revenge. I’ve heard the game is excellent, think of it as Batman in Middle-Earth.

It sounds like the game is structured as a sandbox game where you can run around as Talion collecting abilities and stuff like that and just do side quests. There’s apparently some kind of dynamic enemy…

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