Flashback: Roulette, The Shade, Dr. Destiny, Batman (Dick Grayson), Robin (Damian Wayne)

So Okay It's Average

Who loves Flashback? I love Flashback. And here’s hoping you do, too!

There was a time when DC made a good handful of awesome decisions at a time — if not in a row, certainly adding up to a good number over time. On occasion they’d run a cool new storyline or create a cool new character, and Roulette here is the focus of both. First appearing as a JSA villain, she made her way over to the JLU cartoon, filling a modified version of her original niche as a fight club owner. Managed to get a Raven skirt which worked well enough for her, and a Sand Saref hairpiece had to sub for her actual hairstyle (the sort of bob with chopsticks holding it in place?). New to the repertoire was the use of Mr. Hobby clear red paint to get that glossy sheen.

Admittedly, this…

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