E3 2014 Highlights: Destiny


Well, that’s it then. E3 is done for another year. It was fun whilst it lasted. But don’t worry, now we can just go back and take another look at all the lovely games that were shown in a little more detail.

For me Bungies Destiny has been one of the highlights of this years E3, and that’s been because of a lot of it has been shown. We’ve now heard about all the different game modes or game areas on offer, 5 in total.

Crucible:- Enter the Crucible to hone your competitive skills against other Guardians in arenas that span the solar system. Victory will earn you rewards and reputation

Explore:- Revisit the worlds you have discovered to aid the City in their exploration efforts, seek out valuable resources in order to upgrade your weapons and gear, and link up with other brave Guardians roaming the frontier in search…

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Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)


157 min – Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

An automobile mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down the Autobots and Decepticons – and a paranoid government official – on them.
Director: Michael Bay
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci

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Let’s Judge Some Books by their Covers

The Tusk

Entertainment Weekly recently posted their picks for most anticipated books of the summer, and I thought it might be fun to play a game I’ll call “Guess the Book by its Cover,’ where I’ll try and… well, you can probably tell from the name of the game. In honor of fairness, I left out one of EW’s picks, The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman, because I read the first book in that series.


Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarity

An exploding lollipop …it also has that kind of cheap self-published look that a lot of book covers have now, post-50 Shades. So I’m guessing this one is about a woman who works—no, she’s the head of marketing for this big candy company that’s developed an amazing weight loss candy, this lollipop that melts fat as it melts in your mouth. Actually it does more than melt fat, it also erases wrinkles…

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SAVING MR. BANKS – Honor Thy Father

The Film Avenger

I had some expectations going into this movie – perhaps some that could not be easily met.

I consider myself a Disney historian, having studied Walt Disney, the man and the company he built, for over twenty years. I love what Disney does, but I’m not afraid to call things the way I see them.

I had to see this film twice to fully appreciate it. The first viewing was peppered with my grumblings about the historical accuracy of the events depicted. To say that this film was inspired by true events would be entirely accurate. It did play fast-and-loose with the facts.

The second time made me see the film for what it was: an enjoyable piece of cinema inspired by actual events.

Saving Mr. Banks is not a documentary, nor does it claim to be. It is a film, and a wonderful one at that. Much like the…

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Tammy (2014)


96 min – Comedy

After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.
Director: Ben Falcone
Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Dan Aykroyd, Mark Duplass

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Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent

Weird Consciousness

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah and I decided we were going to turn #WhatAmIGoingToDoWithAGunRack into a trending Twitter topic in Minneapolis, but apparently we both forgot, because neither of us ever tweeted out anything with that hashtag. Regardless, Wayne’s World has been top-of-mind for both of us lately. And on Friday night, I found out the greatest news ever.

Wayne's World on Netflix

I promptly adjusted my plans accordingly and made time to watch Wayne’s World. I think I may adjust my plans all week so that I can watch Wayne’s World.


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Earth to Echo (2014)


Adventure | Sci-Fi

After receiving a bizarre series of encrypted messages, a group of kids embark on an adventure with an alien who needs their help.
Director: Dave Green
Stars: Teo Halm, Astro, Reese Hartwig, Ella Wahlestedt

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